Und nochmal eine Reihe hochwertiger Videos aus der Canon EOS 7D: Seit über 12 Jahren arbeitet das Paar Dan Riordan und Dana Saint als „gnarly bay productions“. Das Video oben zeigt ihre emotionalen Urlaubsbilder aus dem Frühling in Thailand und Kambodscha.

After producing two seasonal videos, fall and winter, It seemed necessary to keep the ball rolling. The majority of this spring was spent traveling with my girlfriend through Thailand and Cambodia. This video documents that trip, by focusing on the similarities between traveling and spring.

Weiter geht’s mit Winter und Herbst in New York…

Winter in New York mit Rosco Wuestewald

The song in this video was written and performed by an old friend of mine, Rosco Wuestewald. He has found himself in NY city for the time being, after traveling around Europe. During his travels he had written many songs and this was one of them. He laid this down in one take referring to lyrics he had scribbled down in a notebook. After recording this session, I immediately knew i wanted to put a video together and this is what i came up with.

Herbst in New York mit Straßenmusik

The song in this video is performed by some random guy in NYC who will probably never see this. I filmed awkwardly close to him with a zeiss 50mm 1.4, using only the 7D to capture sound. The rest of the footage is a mixture of the zeiss and a Nikon 24mm. It is all handheld and not color corrected.